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A cross-certificate is a digital certificate issued by one Certificate Authority (CA) that is used to sign the public key for the root certificate of another Certificate Authority. Cross-certificates provide a means to create a chain of trust from a single, trusted, root CA to multiple other …

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Security issues. In a CA based PKI system, the CA must be trusted by both parties. This is usually accomplished by placing the CA certificates in a whitelist of trusted certificates. For example, web browsers developers may use procedures specified by the CA/Browser Forum, or a private CA's certificate may be placed in the firmware of an embedded system.

active directory - Generate/Sign certificates with the AD and that root certificate is automatically pushed into machines when they are joined to the domain; You can find this domain certificate in your Trusted Root Certification Authorities store: e.g. our domain's self-signed cert is valid for 50 years. Can this cert sign others? Video Tutorials | : How to Sign Certificate How to Sign Certificate using Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) in windows server 2003 to install and configure Microsoft Certificate Authority windows server 2003 now in Part3 you will learn How to Signing certificate using Certificate Authority. On the server in which we have saved the CSR. if you don't know how to Create Certificate GlobalSign Root Certificates :: GlobalSign Root