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HUMAN - Anger - YouTube Apr 11, 2016 How to Use Your Anger to Help Yourself - Tiny Buddha These messages were not helping me feel good enough to let go of my anger. Instead of becoming a victim of society’s expectations, choose to see anger as an emotion that is part of the human experience and a tool that can help you become a better person. You have the power to select how to express your anger. Understanding Anger - University Health Services Understanding Anger . Anger is the emotional response that we have to an external or internal event perceived as a threat, a violation or an injustice. It has been widely theorized that anger is an adaptive response and is a version of the fight or flight response, which in turn is believed to have evolutionary usefulness in protecting us from

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Guided Meditation for Anger - Declutter The Mind Anger is an evolved response from millions of years. The human being that didn’t react angrily to a perceived threat or annoyance usually was killed, stranded, or left without any resources to survive or reproduce. Meanwhile, the fiercest and most aggressive human beings would usually wind up with the most control and resources. Anger Activism Rejects Universal Human Rights

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